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FABLE - Food and Beverages Labels Explorer


In order to design and implement effective food policies, it is often important to assess the available food offer. Currently, such data is rather costly and not readily accessible to the EC and most national policy makers.

With funding from the 3rd EU Health Programme, EUREMO collected information on branded food products in 16 countries. The datasets will be made available to the Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) and the European Commission. DG SANTE and Member States have asked the JRC to help make this upcoming, EU-owned dataset (as well as future ones, such as data collected by Best ReMaP) not only publicly available but to also maximise its usability for policymaking and research. Responding to this request, the JRC is currently developing the EU Food And Beverage Labels explorer (FABLE).

FABLE will allow policy makers, researchers and the public to explore, interact with, and visualise the information collected from food labels across the EU.